Its funny how we do things ,not because we really want to but because we expect something to happen afterwards.  I have learnt that I should  do anything because its right ,because I really want to do it either for my own benefit or for another. Life and success is all about those who are ready to try out whatever comes your way . Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to be involved in the worlds growth and others happiness. It shouldn’t hurt to help others ,it shouldn’t hurt to carry anothers burden.

The Journey Begins


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

When a new days begins we all set expectations on what we expect for the day. At that time no one really cares making an impact ,an impression on anyone ,it becomes all about you ,what you want . Ever thought what would happen what happens if you made an impression , if you made a sad person smile that day ,if you gave someone some little hope to carry on with their day. Sometimes not everything has to be about you , make everyday a brighter day for someone else ,and yours will brighten up automatically. post